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Bar Preparation Plus+


It is the single thing that when done properly will do the most to increase productivity and sales, maximize efficient drink-making and noticeably improve guest (and bar staff) satisfaction: preparation. Also referred to as mis-en-place, proper preparation is an essential task of any bartender; exceptional preparation is the key to an incredible impression.


This course focuses on what comes before the cocktail. Proper production, set-up, labeling, storing, shelf-life and handling of fresh and homemade bar ingredients is covered, as well as efficient and hygienic arrangement and set-up of the bar stations.


•Homemade orgeat  •Fresh fruit & herb syrups  •Simple syrup  •Gomme  •Homemade grenadine  •Alternate homemade sweeteners  •Juicing  •Fresh-squeezed citrus  •Homemade chocolate créme  •Spirit infusions  •Fresh fruit ingredients & garnishes  •Fresh herbs  •Grilled & brulléed fruit  •Spiced & liquid rims  •Safe use of eggs  •Professional use & storage of store-bought ingredients  •First in - First out


Following the successful completion of this course, the student will be able to greatly improve the quality of cocktails while reducing cost and increasing efficiency. The student will be able to bring a new focus on fresh, homemade, cost-effective and superior ingredients to the bar.


International Mixsultant™ and owner + designer of BAR:School, Joseph Boroski.


All materials, such as tools and equipment, spirits and ingredients, will be provided at no additional cost. Students are required to bring a small notebook and pen to class and are expected to take notes throughout. Course manuals and study guides will also be provided to each student. Each successfully passing student will receive a certificate of completion.


This is a 10-hour course spread out in five 2-hour daily sessions. Students are required to arrive BEFORE the scheduled time in order to set up their equipment prior to the start time. Any student that is late more than two times or misses one or more of the sessions must retake that particular session in order to pass the course.


฿ 5,000

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