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Method-Based Cocktail Making


At the time of the first published use of the word Cocktail in 1806, it was the how just as much as the what that gave a mixed drink its character. The exact way in which it was made was essential in reproducing any drink, and bartenders were required to learn by example. Once the written recipe overshadowed the mentor as the popular source of knowledge transfer from one bar to another, much of the specific techniques used to create cocktails was convoluted or lost altogether. Today's bartender often lacks the skills and knowledge required for each method.


This is an intense yet essential hands-on course that is a prerequisite for the majority of courses available at BAR:School. This course is designed to provide the basis for virtually all methods used in cocktail recipes, and at the same time to cover in detail the tools used. The student will be able to reproduce the exact technique for each method when it is properly listed in a recipe. An assortment of spirits and fresh ingredients are used to create a variety of cocktails as examples.


•Shake & Strain  •Slow Shake  •Julep Strain  •Spin & Lift Build  •Muddle Layer  •Shake & Pour   •Half Shake  •Stir  •Rim/Half-rim  •Roll/Toss  •Press  •Top  •Hard Shake  •Double Strain  •Mix  •Chill  •Throw/Pull  •Bruise  •Flame  •Dry Shake  •Vibrate Strain  •Twist  •Quick Churn  •Drop  •Blend


Following the successful completion of this course, the student will be able to impart an exactness to his/her cocktail production that will improve efficiency and consistency as well as the bartender's confidence and professionalism behind the bar, which will in turn increase the measured value of the bartender's services.


Before attending this class, students should have an essential understanding of basic bar spirits, commonly-ordered cocktails, and work flow at a bar. Experience working behind a bar is helpful but not necessary.


International Mixsultant™ and owner + designer of BAR:School, Joseph Boroski.


All materials, such as tools and equipment, spirits and ingredients, will be provided at no additional cost. Students are required to bring a small notebook and pen to class and are expected to take notes throughout. Course manuals and study guides will also be provided to each student. Each successfully passing student will receive a certificate of completion.

Time Requirements

This is a 10-hour course spread out in five 2-hour daily sessions. Students are required to arrive BEFORE the scheduled time in order to set up their equipment prior to the start time. Any student that is late more than two times or misses one or more of the sessions must retake that particular session in order to pass the course.


฿ 5,000

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